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23-Aug-2017 09:01

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I encourage you to visit the new FAQ page to read the requirements for getting a response from me. However, from now on, if your emails don’t follow the rules, they will just be ignored. Fact 2: Honestly, I wish I could solve all the engineering/programming problems that you send me.

Fact 3: 38 hours for answering emails is way too much for me!

Result: New stricter email policy that will reduce the “email engineering” time.

About two years ago, on the last major design update of this blog, I switched the commenting system from built-in Blogger comments to Disqus platform.

This is the reason why I would strongly recommend you to follow this blog on social media; I share there all the critical updates on older posts.

(see for example how the navigation bar stays at the top of the page when you scroll towards the bottom).

The previous years (until August 2014) I usually published 3 – 4 posts per month.

In this particular case, the palindrome 9339 appeared after the 4th addition.

This method leads to palindromes in a few step for almost all of the integers. 196 is the first number for which no palindrome has been found.

Fact 2: Repeated comments especially in popular and old posts.

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Result: Comments will be open for only 60 days after post-publication.

With Disqus I didn’t follow any particular policy for comments; I used to approve every comment, except for spam ones.

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